First Android phone without Exchange support

The timer is running out for the first model of the Google Android phone, as it is planned for late 2008, and some considerations about it are raising around the net, like the worrying that it will lack support for Microsoft Exchange.

BusinessWeek, on its article, is citing a test made by Moe Tanabian, senior principal at IBB Consulting, that noted that the e-mail capabilities of the Android are based exclusively on the Google Gmail platform; and that is raising some uncertainty if the phone will support Microsoft Exchange.

Beside that, the BW article is citing some positive details.

For example that Android will have access to T-Mobile App Store, which will be similar to the Apple’s store, but probably with fewer restrictions for the software developers.

Another curious details is that Google is planning to serve advertisement directly to the phones; while this idea may worrisome at first, the users can rest assured that the option actually require the opt-in, therefore they will not be spammed by ads automatically. The good side of this feature is that many reviewers are speculating that Google may justify the ads delivery with some discount on the phone price and probably also on the plan fees.

The first model will be made by HTC whom received the authorization by the FCC and it will release it on November, 10th on the U.S. market.


Google Android:


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