Google apologize for the Gmail outage

August 12, 2008

Yesterday many Gmail users have experienced problems in accessing their account. After several hours of outage the problem has been fixed and Google made a public apology for the issue.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 released

August 6, 2008

Today Microsoft announced that Microsoft SQL Server 2008 has finally reached the gold status and the CD manufacturing has been started.

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Yahoo introduces Zimbra, an online desktop suite

July 26, 2008

Yahoo decided to increase the competition with Google by starting the beta of Zimbra, a web application that bundle the famous e-mail, calendar, contacts, and document services in one application. The most notorious feature of Zimbra is the possibility that users have to access this app even if they are not on-line.

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Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 released

May 17, 2008

I wrote only yesterday that the first Release Candidate of Firefox 3 was planned to be released soon, and today is already available.

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