The first reason I started this blog (and all my past sites in general) is to have a place where I can share some knowledge about the computers and on how they work. Eventually, thanks to the easiness of making content typical of a blog, I started to post news from around the Net.

Now, the price of having the news flow to you is that is very difficult to make the guides stand out; and that is where this page come from. 🙂

While there is already the “Guides” tag that fulfill the same purpose (and it is more automatic), I intend to list here all my guide (a couple so far) so you can have a unified access to them.

Install a Teamspeak server on Linux: a tutorial on how install a Teamspeak server on Linux;

Use Windows software on Linux: a brief description on how to get your Windows applications run under Linux;

Knights of the old Republics – Hints: A serie of hints on the first installment of the famous LucasArt Star Wars themed RPG.


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