Google got sued for Patent Infringement by GraphOn

GraphOn Corp., a software-house specialized in server-based application-publishing and Web-enabling software, filed a lawsuit against Google Inc.’s  claiming the violation of four GraphOn patents on “method(s) of maintaining an automated and network-accessible database”.

The targeted Google’s services are AdWords, Blogger, Sites and YouTube as GraphOn claims that they violate its patents number 6,324,538; 6,850,940; 7,028,034; and 7,269,591.

GraphOn already used the courts to protect its patents in several cases; the first major lawsuit was against Inc. in November 2005 for two of the patents cited in the Google lawsuit, then against Juniper Networks Inc. in August 2007 on patents that protect network security and firewall technologies, and in March against Classified Ventures, IAC/InterActiveCorp,, Yahoo, and CareerBuilder for the same patents cited in its lawsuit outlined Google.

GraphOn Corp. filed the lawsuit in a federal court in Texas and it seeks permanent injunctive relief and unspecified damages.




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