About the RSS feeds (new changes)

A last note before focusing on the new site Silicon Gadget.

As I mentioned yesterday, if you follow this blog’s news with a RSS reader or via e-mail it is necessary that you unsubscribe from the previous RSS addresses and subscribe back with the new addresses (that you can find on the sidebar on the right on both this blog and on Silicon Gadget).

Unfortunately I have just made a further change to the RSS feeds’ addresses since yesterday, so even if you have recently subscribed to the (now old) new feeds addresses (basically those available earlier than this very post’s time), you have to unsubscribe from those and re-use the current links.

The old addresses (both the original ones for this blog and those available on Silicon Gadget until few minutes ago) will still work until the end of the week, but to avoid unforeseen bugs at that end they will be totally disabled.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but as the street work panels state: “We are working for you”. 🙂


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