Yahoo introduces Zimbra, an online desktop suite

July 26, 2008

Yahoo decided to increase the competition with Google by starting the beta of Zimbra, a web application that bundle the famous e-mail, calendar, contacts, and document services in one application. The most notorious feature of Zimbra is the possibility that users have to access this app even if they are not on-line.

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Firefox 3 finally released

June 17, 2008

As announced, today the third version of Firefox has been released. The launch of Firefox 3 was at 10.00 a.m. PDT Read the rest of this entry »

Firefox 3 is around the corner

June 12, 2008

After months of Beta and Release Candidate versions, finally on Tuesday June 17 the official version of Mozilla Firefox 3 will be released.

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Safari flaw + IE flaw = Critical Vulnerability

June 1, 2008

Microsoft warned that a previously reported flaw of Apple Safari can be combined with a flaw in Internet Explorer to run unauthorized program on users’ computers.
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Apple Leopard 10.5.3 brings many fixes

May 30, 2008

Since last Wednesday Apple is offering the 10.5.3 update for Leopard. This patch brings many bug fixes and features.

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Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 released

May 17, 2008

I wrote only yesterday that the first Release Candidate of Firefox 3 was planned to be released soon, and today is already available.

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Adobe Flash Player 10 Public Beta released

May 15, 2008

Adobe announced that the beta version of the 10th version of the popular Flash plugin is available for download.

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