OpenSUSE 11.0 Released

June 20, 2008

It seems a fertile period for Open Source software. After the release of Mozilla Firefox 3 and Wine 1.0, yesterday Novell released OpenSUSE 11.0.
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CoreAVC-for-Linux back on

May 6, 2008

CoreAVC-for-Linux has been allowed to resume developing after CoreCodec recognized that the project does not violate its copyrights under the DMCA.

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First impressions on Kubuntu 8.04

April 30, 2008

This guide has been moved to Silicon Gadget.

SUN-MySQL may privilege Enterprise over Community

April 18, 2008

During the last MySQL Conference & Expo Sun Microsystems announced that it is planning to start offering new features for the popular database server first on the Enterprise, and paying, version and only after on the Community, and free, version. This is definitively a U-turn compared to the developing strategy adopted so far by MySQL AB.

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