About the RSS feeds (new changes)

August 25, 2008

A last note before focusing on the new site Silicon Gadget.

As I mentioned yesterday, if you follow this blog’s news with a RSS reader or via e-mail it is necessary that you unsubscribe from the previous RSS addresses and subscribe back with the new addresses (that you can find on the sidebar on the right on both this blog and on Silicon Gadget).

Unfortunately I have just made a further change to the RSS feeds’ addresses since yesterday, so even if you have recently subscribed to the (now old) new feeds addresses (basically those available earlier than this very post’s time), you have to unsubscribe from those and re-use the current links.

The old addresses (both the original ones for this blog and those available on Silicon Gadget until few minutes ago) will still work until the end of the week, but to avoid unforeseen bugs at that end they will be totally disabled.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but as the street work panels state: “We are working for you”. 🙂


Let’s move on

August 24, 2008

Hi all,

you may wonder why there has not been any news in the last week. Well … I have been busy in two fronts.

First I wasted the first half of the week with an old bad habit I got from from Microsoft Windows, even if I have been using Linux for a year now: clean re-install; I was having some slowdown with the Internet applications, especially Firefox, and World of Warcraft under Wine kept freezing my PC very often; so, instead of taking advantage of the wide configurability of Linux, that is very useful even when there are problems to fix, I decided to take the quick and dirty way to do a tabula rasa and re-install everything from scratch. So far everything is going very well (even if I did not had the time to stress-test WoW to check if it is working well as usual).

After this boring part I spent the second half of the week in a particular project: despite the promise to my self to wait and plan for this, I have impulsively opened a new site for this blog!!! It is now called “Silicon Gadget” and its address is: http://www.silicongadget.com/.

As you can see the overall look is identical to this blog, but I have indeed made some changes.

For example, and it is the aspect that took the most of the time, I re-organized a little bit the categories and the tags; this work has been necessary since I decided to change the URL format from the date-based system used here by WordPress.com to the category-based system I am using there.

The second change, that you cannot see since it is beyond the scenes, is that I activated several plugins that will help me to better manage the blog structure.

There is a very important thing you have to take in mind: if you subscribed to the RSS feed of this blog, either with a RSS reader or via e-mail, you have to unsubscribe from those and subscribe back with the similar links you find on the new site.

From tomorrow I will start to write exclusively on the new blog, but this blog will still stay open as archive and backup.

I want to thank both the WordPress.com staff and the forum’s members for all the help I received for this blog.

See you at the Silicon Gadget!!! 🙂

Yahoo officialy launch Buzz

August 19, 2008

After about six months of testing Buzz, Yahoo’s news aggregator service, is finally open for every one.

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First Android phone without Exchange support

August 18, 2008

The timer is running out for the first model of the Google Android phone, as it is planned for late 2008, and some considerations about it are raising around the net, like the worrying that it will lack support for Microsoft Exchange.

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Google got sued for Patent Infringement by GraphOn

August 18, 2008

GraphOn Corp., a software-house specialized in server-based application-publishing and Web-enabling software, filed a lawsuit against Google Inc.’s  claiming the violation of four GraphOn patents on “method(s) of maintaining an automated and network-accessible database”.

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New Palm Treo 850 revealed

August 16, 2008

Palm accidentally posted a presentation about the Palm Treo 850 on one of its web sites. Palm obviously removed it immediately, but not quickly enough to prevent the leak of the new Treo’s features.

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Apple will release software update for iPhone 3G problems

August 16, 2008

Apple will release an additional software update for the iPhone that will fix the connection bug discovered with the release of the 2.0.1 patch.

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