First impressions on Kubuntu 8.04

April 30, 2008

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(K)Ubuntu Release Candidate released

April 21, 2008

After few days from the last Beta version, and few days before the official release scheduled for the end of April, Canonical released the Release Candidate of both Ubuntu and Kubuntu.

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Apple stopped auto-install of Safari on Windows

April 20, 2008

Apple decided to change strategy on delivering its browser Safari to Windows users; instead to offer it by default with the Quicktime and iTunes updates, it is now offered as choice under the “New Software” category.

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Red Hat out of the desktop market

April 17, 2008

Red Hat, one of the most famous companies on the Linux distribution market, declared that it steps out from the users’ desktop market and it will concentrate only on the enterprise market.

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About the security content of Safari 3.1.1

April 17, 2008



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Windows XP SP3 will probably release on April 29

April 15, 2008

According to tech site Neowin, but yet to be officialy confirmed by Microsoft, the third Service Pack of Windows XP will show up around April, 29th, 2008 on the major consumer download areas of Microsoft (Microsoft Update, Windows Update, and Download Center).

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Windows XP out of store by June, 30

April 15, 2008

Microsoft is planning to definitely terminate the sale of Windows XP by June, 30 and the Mainstream Support Retired by April, 14 2009; the obvious reason is that MS is trying to focus the marketing on Vista, the latest version of Windows for the desktop. Read the rest of this entry »