New Palm Treo 850 revealed

Palm accidentally posted a presentation about the Palm Treo 850 on one of its web sites. Palm obviously removed it immediately, but not quickly enough to prevent the leak of the new Treo’s features.

According to the images, that you can find here and here, the new Palm Treo 850 will have a full 3.5 mm headset jack for headphones, Wi-Fi, and, the usual touch screen, and a micro-USB jack for data transferring; it will run the Windows Mobile 6.1 platform. As communication technology, the new Palm Treo 850 will use GSM and UMTS.

Palm has not yet announced a release date for the new Palm Treo 850.



The Palm Treo 850 image is copyrighted by Palm, inc.


2 Responses to New Palm Treo 850 revealed

  1. gmcush says:

    Treo Pro officially revealed today (8/20). I hope ATT will release it soon. What are the chances. If so when?

  2. I am looking at the Palm web site and it generically state that it will be released “soon” that obviously is not a clear release date; my opinion is that it will be released either immediately after summer (so within a month) to capitalize on people returning from vacation back to work or close to Christmas.

    There may be a chance that AT&T will offer it as they are offering other Palm smartphones.

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