Intel offes Remote Wake

Intel Corp. is releasing a new technology that will let computers to wake up from sleep when the users connect to them from over the Internet.

This kind of functionality is definitely useful in today world where the main focus of R&D is toward “green devices”. So far in order to remotely access data, the serving computer is required to be fully operative; while the requirement is legitimate in case of critical business servers, it is actually a waste of power if the the server in question is a personal computer.

The new component Intel is announcing Thursday will let computers automatically return to a normal, full-powered state when a call comes in. The computer can activate its microphone and loudspeaker to alert the user, then connect the call.

On the first four Remote Wake motherboards the feature will only work over Ethernet connection, as Wi-Fi doesn’t work in sleep mode.

According to Joe Van De Water, director of consumer product marketing for Intel, the first batch of Intel motherboards with the Remote Wake functionality will be shipped in the next month.




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