Yahoo launch Fire Eagle

Yahoo launched “Fire Eagle”, a location-based social networking platform. The service allows users to keep their friend updated about where they are.

Users can update their physical location either manually or automatically, using a GPS-enabled device or other mobile system. Users also have the option to control how and with whom that information can be shared.

Fire Eagle platform is open so other social networking sites can offer to their users the possibility to connect the Fire Eagle’s data on their profile. The first sites to take advantage of this possibility are Movable Type, Pownce, and Dipity.

Side effects? Well, in this Web 2.0 era many users are already disclosing a lot of personal information thorough the several social networking sites, and the scary part is that they are doing it voluntarily. Do we really need to let the world also know where we are at the moment? And if we do, can we than complain if the government and the various marketing agencies pretend to ignore our privacy?


Yahoo Fire Eagle:


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