Some details on Star Trek Online

After two weeks from the confirmation of the “Star Trek Online” development, yesterday night Cryptic webcasted the “Star Trek Online Panel”, a video conference full of details on “Star Trek Online” and with Leonard Nimoy (Spock) as guest star.

Star Trek Online Announced

Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend, but my friend Artanis did and he has made a very nice report; since his report is in Italian I will give you the most important details in English.

The show opened with Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock on the “Original Series”,  that gave brief presentation of the game; unfortunately it was pretty much it and after him, Emmert took charge of the show.

A very important aspect of the game is that players will start with a personal small ship, but despite being in charge of it they have not the official rank of “Capitan”; this title will be earned through the game. The ship is fully customizable and upgradable.

Players will not be able to nominate other players as crew, but they can recruit NPCs for the various position; these NPCs can be trained and they will advance in skills while the player progress through the game. Other players can actually come on board the ship, visit it, and be transported to other places.

The content will be spread on both the planets, where players can teleport and do quests, and in space, where players can engage battles with various enemies. During the panel, it has been said that there may be special space events, for example various Borg invasion.

Regarding the release date, Emmert refused to specify any actual day, but he explicitly admitted that he actually know it and it is not that far since the developers already have a working engine and therefore they just have to work on the content.

During the webcast, Cryptic showed a brief video about the gameplay; I have to admit that the quality of the graphic is extremely good considering that the game has not been finished yet.

Now, these are just some of the details announced on “Star Trek Online”, so stay tuned for more informations.

A last note: if you are Italian and you are planning to play Star Trek Online, my friend Artanis is already starting to collect applications for “cadets”; you can find all the information on this page.


Star Trek Online Official Site:;

Artanis’ Report (in Italian):

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