Doom 4 Confirmed

John Carmack, co-founder of id Software, announced Thursday at the famous QuakeCon Event that Doom 4 is indeed under development.

Carmack stated that Doom 4 will be based on the ‘Tech 5’ engine, but still it will look much better than the other games based on the same engine; as comparison for the better quality, and especially the computation power needed, Carmack indicated that Doom 4 will run at 30 fps where Rage can achieve 60fps.

It will be released on different platforms, but Carmack admitted that “the PC version will support significant visual improvements over 360 or PS3 versions.”

No release date has been given, so … as usual it will be released “when it’s ready”.

The fans of the “Quake” series will be disappointed to know that there is no sequel currently under development.


QuakeCon’s home page:


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