Wine 1.1.0 Released

After 9 days from the milestone release of Wine 1.0, today Wine 1.1.0 has been released.

The announcement is the following (original version here):

Bugs fixed in 1.1.0:
2918 Electronics Workbench: instruments are not drawn
3159 Incorrect defintions of CFSTR_*
3795 c2man: extension is fixed to “.dll”
4437 Weird Worlds demo won’t start without native msvcrt
4935 IHP Kitchen: Unhandled page fault on read access
5915 Application gets crashed when I press enter in combobox (While Cursor is present in combo)
5986 riched20 : Double Click messages not handled
6247 Richedit: Selecting via mouse does not scroll
6618 Warcraft III Crash on intro movie playback
7069 starting win32-version of tomcat fails with a “jvm_bind” or “java.util.TimeZone.getTimeZone” error message
8132 Hyperlink rendering not turned off if link is at end of line
8556 Game complains that directx9.0c is not installed
8657 Ikea Home Planner crashes when I add an element
8901 Personal Stock Monitor 6 standard Active Securities listview columns blank
9812 Bad some czech characters in older coursewares
9824 GTA Vice City: strange textures when you attack cars with a chainsaw
9860 MSN 8.1 doesn’t start, gdiplus:GdipImageGetFrameDimensionsList not implemented
9924 SysIPAddress32 dialog item glitch
9982 Dragon NaturallySpeaking training module – text is too big.
10132 bad cyrillic font rendering
10550 turbocad install won’t work
10966 explorer.exe crash every time when removing folders
11158 Wineboot and virtual desktop
11245 Tomb Raider Anniversary crash during trying to enable an usb joypad.
11476 UMDGen “Compression Level” Dialog box doesn’t show
11699 Acecad tablet not recognised as a tablet
11721 GL Excess does not work
11774 eMule crashes when right-clicking on file in Transfers window
12005 Regression in pressure sensitivity with wizardpen tablet driver and Photoshop 7
12167 MS Office 2000 install broken at 0.9.55 –> 0.9.56
12305 Firefox 3 beta 4 font problem: colon displayed as 0038 unicode glyph-missing glyph [dogfood]
12481 PSPad HTML preview is not working with Gecko
12631 FIFA 2007 – black rectangles during gameplay in the recent version
12740 Wine tries to execute non-executable data (regression against 0.9.59)
13004 3Com Descovery Util do not see any network interfaces
13036 Faktury 4.1 doesn’t run because of Unimplemented GdipImageGetFrameDimensionsCount
13122 Graphical regression in Team Fortress 2.
13127 Star wars JK II Jedi outcast does not work
13128 Medieval total war crashes
13145 Graphic Corruption in Assassin’s Creed
13225 Sacrifice: texture transparency problems (alpha test)
13227 100% CPU Usage with notepad – with dtrace output
13341 Painkiller Demo Fails To Run
13482 Latest msvcrt’s won’t load
13513 Portal: game crashes
13521 liveusb-creator-2.5 unable to load win32file.pyd [dogfood]
13552 eDrawings CAD Viewer crashes into shell32 while opening a file
13644 Ricochet Infinity cannot activate full version
13713 Hema Album Software Advanced won’t start, it crashes and has to be killed.
13748 Last Chaos aborts after clicking ‘start’ in 0.9.57 and later
13765 ZENcast 2.01.01 Installer Fails to Start
13864 F.E.A.R: Can’t accept EULA
13882 psiops crashes while starting (XStreamlok)
13892 mmioOpen MMIO_ALLOCBUF not ignored when passed a buffer
13969 Photocameras Adjustment Software: crashes after pressing a button.
14006 at least one locale missing: eo – (breaks .NET internationalization)
14016 Eclipse 3.3.x (customized) needs WebBrowser_GetIDsOfNames fleshed out
14024 Photoshop CS2 installer crashes immediately


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