Wine 1.0-rc5 Released

The fifth Release Candidate of Wine has been released.

With the code freeze no new feature will be added to the program except for bug fixes.

The announcement is the following (original version here):

Bugs fixed in 1.0-rc5:

4373 Winamp Agent displays a size-zero window with decoration
5381 Unhandled exception FAME
6147 DC++, blank window after switching workspace in gnome
6384 frequent but unpredicable crashes in IE at specific homepage
6498 Window show slowly in Chinese language interface with SCIM input method
7201 Morrowind Pixel Shader water looks too “harsh” and generally wrong
7923 Game (Mount&Blade) crashes immediately when starting
8032 SCAR Divi – Mouse won’t click
8340 fr-08 .the .product does not show some textures correctly due to lack of wrapping support
8772 Babylon-Pro-6/ Babylon-Pro-7 doesn’t show main menu
8943 GunMetal crashs at start
8979 Call of Duty -> Jerky mouse / freelook problem
9561 huge bitmap creation solidworks
10373 BS Contact VRML/X3D 7.039: Direct3D 7/9 and texture problems
10441 Age of Empires III (3): freezes then dies after a couple of clicks
10610 Gothic II: D3D7 crash after playing several minutes
10667 Derive 6.10 – Input from keyboard
10673 Gnome panel bars overlap Halo in fullscreen mode
10967 Axis & Allies does not start
11214 configure does not recognise libncursesw
11540 Need for Speed III installer won’t close
11552 Adobe Photoshop CS2 Open File Dialog looks different from windows
11584 Multiple games crash with stack overflow error
11730 REDCINE font rendering problem
11851 stack smashing attack in function wine_nt_to_unix_file_name
11888 gta2 unhandled exception
12011 Gothic 2 switches between fullscreen- and window-mode every time
12012 Gothic 2 graphic glitch
12097 Wine 1.0 should not ship out-of-sync resource translations
12537 .NET 2.0 Framework ESP Langpack can not be installed.
13038 Notes 7 database tiles are displayed incorrectly.
13139 Office 2003 install aborts in RC1
13151 Installation of MS Office 2000 hangs
13292 Crashday not starting anymore
13682 The babylon project crashes
13705 keyboard does not work in Trackmania Nations Forever
13709 data guardian refuses to install first time, works after a second attempt
13855 CVS head dlls/msxml3/domdoc.c doesn’t compile


2 Responses to Wine 1.0-rc5 Released

  1. […] milestone has been released only two days after the fifth release candidate and a month and an half since the “code […]

  2. […] milestone has been released only two days after the fifth release candidate and a month and an half since the “code […]

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