Wine 1.0-rc4 Released

The forth Release Candidate of Wine has been released.

With the code freeze no new feature will be added to the program except for bug fixes.

The announcement is the following (original version here):

Bugs fixed in 1.0-rc4:
2280 BACKSPACE and LEFT ARROW not responding with FirstClass v7.112
2891 Tooltip window steals focus and creates a “normal” window
4923 Race condition in keyboard code
6404 Tooltips shown as windows “blocking” cursor in IE
6674 Czech keyboard doen’t work in 0.9.25
7092 Windows Genuine Advantage Tool times out while connecting
7759 Print Preview of Lotus Notes shows strange squared display
7995 Problem Installing Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds
8110 Pyscripter crashes on exit
8168 Wine does not terminate at end of Adobe Dreamweaver 8 install
8189 CoVUpdater.exe and CoHUpdater.exe both crash at the loading screen
8342 wineserver crashed when running emule plus
8385 Battle for Middle-Earth crashes
8464 Chessmaster 10th Edition demo 1.02 fais to install
8519 BFME II installer crashes with unhandled exception
9022 America’s Army locks up when/after checking for updates
9329 XFCE specific systray problems
9433 Problem through the registration of C++ 2005
9469 Adobe Photoshop Elements 1 welcome dialog options don’t work
9497 Fonts missing in visio 2003, present in Word, Excel 2003
9843 Gothic crashes when entering old mine
10099 Symphonic Rain crashes when starting story mode
10185 crash on installation of Age of Empires III
10359 Steam with incorrect cursor position.
10404 Wineconsole fails to display text or change color for Renegade FDS
10442 Cannot switch back to Half Life 2 after alt-tabbing with managed windows
10524 The Chronicles of RiddicK check boxes not visible
10554 Maya 8.5 Personal Learning Edition doesn’t start
10580 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. shadow corruption with ARB shaders
10584 Last developments of Wine broke the setup of Trados
10652 ./tools/wineinstall adds /usr/local/lib to /etc/
10653 Word 2003 crashes when loading file
10938 Application Melty Blood act candeza does not start
11141 Trados – problem of creation of temp? function only working at the second try
11509 Wordviewer 2003 is unable to open documents encrypted with AES
11622 DejaVu X installation failing at start because of component not found
11652 New Venezuela Time Zone.
11659 acmStreamConvert inconsistencies (Windows Vs Wine for mp3 -> pcm)
11683 Assemblies not loading
11732 Mudbox can’t find application paths, crashes
11756 Pirates of the burning sea doesnt start anymore
11791 BiblePro installer crashes
12190 objects ghosting in everquest 2
12246 “make test” gives different results with and without warn+heap
12274 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 demo refuses to install
12375 Flash 8 crashes when closing last open document
12382 Touhou games don’t show backgrounds at startup
12396 opas: window not fully repainted after move
12459 VeohTV beta client fails with bug report send dialog
12794 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Screen is black
12819 Wine breaks pressure sensitivity in Photoshop after upgrading toHardy.
13098 The Bat! (v3.99.24): Selected address from adressbook don’t appear in ‘To:’ line
13101 GLXBadDrawable when antialias ON (Nvidia driver bug?)
13110 Half-Life 2 doesn’t start
13280 Klipfolio 4 hangs on startup
13541 Fantamorph: crashes when opening a file browser
13549 Impossible to install VB6 and using programmes who are generated on it.
13561 wine fails to build with openssl-0.9.8h
13669 DCArt32: a bug in mmio breaks audio filters
13731 Unbreakable spaces are not rendered correctly


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