Wine 1.0-rc2 Released

The second Release Candidate of Wine has been released.

With the code freeze no new feature will be added to the program except for bug fixes.

The announcement is the following (original version here):

This is release 1.0-rc2 of Wine, a free implementation of Windows on Unix.

What’s new in this release (see below for details):
– Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze.

Because of lags created by using mirrors, this message may reach you
before the release is available at the public sites. The sources will
be available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git or CVS
repositories. Check respectively or for details.

If you fix something, please submit a patch; instructions on how to do
this can be found at

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 1.0-rc2:

2493 Multi-select listview: Shift-arrow up only selects top two items
3003 Random crash during gameplay in Alien vs Predator Gold
3270 Problem with minimized top-level windows
3747 Motorhead fails to start with message: DirectInput CreateDevice joystick failed
4848 Meetro 0.94 produces a page fault at start time
4860 Sun Java plugin installation broken, plugin doesn’t work properly in Firefox
4873 Sun’s appletviewer can’t load applets
5001 Rhapsody 3.1 quits immediately
5024 Thief: Deadly Shadows crashes:page fault on read access to 0x0000040c
5059 Firefox displays background of banner ad in wrong location
5094 bitmap creation problem
5115 Editing inline lines in BeyondCompare2 broken again
5302 Arena Chess GUI (V1.99 Beta 2) freezes solid when menu drops down
5844 tray minimize
5901 EU Playonline Viewer Crash
5926 Wine does not provide an implementation of winhlp32.exe
5948 Star Trek: Armada does not install
5968 Richedit crashes when adding a chr(10) or chr(13)
6046 text display gets a white screen
6050 Interstate’76 install should play sound but plays loud noise instead
6797 Quite some apps (like Zuma and Intuit QuickBooks Pro installer) start with a complete white screen (shlwapi/urlmon bug)
6806 Shareaza crashes when loading
7050 No shaders in Guild Wars
7125 Wine reports not enough free memory to apps
7153 Epson Print CD only prints background picture
7189 VS.NET 2005 fails to install
7317 Cannot use high resolutions in Heroes V
7332 Versacheck Business & Enterprise 2007 autorun crashes on startup
7370 FalconAF black screen and freezes
7460 crashes when running Civilization III setup.exe
7521 err:d3d:IWineD3DImpl_CheckDepthStencilMatch unsupported format pair
7620 winedbg fails with Unhandled page fault
8004 Verge3 Does Not Start “vid_bpp(24) not a standard value”
8205 Microsoft Flight Simulator X Trial fails to Install
8225 Fireworks 8 trial hangs on splash screen
8303 Beatware mobile designer 1.0 hangs on startup
8307 Onimusha 3: Demon Siege Demo: Fails to start
8326 Text in Blitz3DDemo is garbled
8417 AssaultTech1: Transparencies don’t work
8479 p4win installer does not terminate
8491 Library tab in winecfg crashes winecfg
8636 implement GDI32.GetTextExtentExPointI
8767 CreateDIBSection driver loading race
8788 Unrecognized vertex shader version 0
8845 Halo screen usage is messed up when in Virtual Desktop mode
8891 Trackmania United won’t start with a joystick plugged in.
8898 Run Time Error “445”: Object doesn’t support this action in Europa Knowledgebase
8909 Half life 2 crashes when loading scenes with a Cmeshdx8 error
9211 Klipfolio 4 installer fails
9215 joystick travel error
9324 Mp3Tag: crash when editing the “Year” field in some cases
9376 Trendyflash Site Builder displays blank window
9812 Bad some czech characters in older coursewares
9910 Interaction delay in menus while navigating (CNC: The First Decade CD games)
10151 “make test” crashes in riched32/tests/editor.c
10283 Outcast : game and demo don’t start.
10323 Can not get Hellgate London Demo to install
10422 Dota-Client: Does not run
10542 Bug in TEXT_Ellipsify when returning modstr
10599 dlls/oleaut32/tests/vartest.c fails
10785 Wine 0.9.51 crash when launching Slingplayer v1.5 – gdiplus.GdipDrawImageRectI not implemented
10854 Codeblocks – black box in the about window
10882 sPlan 6.0: Illegal Floating Point Operation
10969 Strange deadzones with Logitech Cordless Rumblepad
10977 GG-client: Insides of windows are not drawn
11103 Launching any application w/ current git tree results in advapi32 Unhandled page fault
11123 Firefox 1.5 welcome text rendered poorly
11172 no web cache
11613 Adobe Premiere Pro 1, 1.5 crash on startup with unimplemented function SHELL32.dll.SHGetFolderPathAndSubDirA
11742 Small .net 1.1 app (FastMD5 1.3) fails to start up
11806 regedit creates bogus hex:(1) value instead of empty “”
11893 GdipBitmapUnLockBit does not accept null rect pointer
11954 Google Sketchup, Google bug splat never finish sending report.
12055 Sacrifice Demo: rendering problem – black figures
12094 mouse side buttons do not work in wine when mapped to gtk/qt standard
12168 Supreme Commander: Bloom renderer makes screen flicker
12194 Some DDraw games flicker the screen
12195 AussaultTech1: Broken fonts/cursor
12221 Jaman player won’t install
12230 Palringo: Alpha images aren’t displayed correctly
12263 Sketchup Cannot initialize OpenGL – ChoosePixelFormat fails
12268 Steam update fail at 26%
12306 Firefox 3 beta shows one-pixel-high black line when rendering some images
12358 Demo scene application crashes at start up
12361 Exact Audio Copy 0.99pb4 crashes in winemenubuilder when creating png icon
12412 Klingon honor guard: fails to start if opengl set as render device
12568 edit area in PSPad is badly rendrawn when changing tabs by mouse
12643 Analog sticks don’t work well with trackmania
12674 [shell] Miranda IM tray icon malfunction
12693 statusbar doubletab problem
12780 wine iexplore doesn’t work
12813 XMLSpy 2007 refuses to install
12884 MessageBox ” is not a valid integer value in Visual Trading
12890 Menu doesn’t render in Thief The Dark Project in readtex mode
12902 IHP Kitchen: Unhandled page fault on read access when starting
12935 Audiosurf crashes with a page fault on read access to a NULL pointer
12942 Facewound doesn’t run on 64bit
12967 MS Office 97 will not install since 0.9.60 possibly 0.9.59
12968 MS Visual Studio V6 setup error 258 since 0.9.58
12979 Trucks&Trains game error in quartz.dll
12988 Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 Trial installer does nothing when you click ‘next’
13052 Thief II: The Metal Age 1.18 crashes when trying to play back video
13055 settler 3 x64 error
13090 winecfg crashes if you click the “Test Sound” button while using the ALSA driver
13093 cepstral speach stops working when reading a second time
13109 Error during install after compile from source
13113 wineprefixcreate has multiplied messages in new WINEPREFIX
13121 Sipru Installation Error
13144 enabling 3d acceleration in-game crashes Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
13166 system tray icons show up twice
13168 Update the README before the 1.0 release
13170 Wine freezes on audio test (in winecfg)
13176 Fails to compile
13192 AutoCAD 2008 Trial fails to install
13228 Blockland crashes when returning focus
13240 Running “explorer” should open an “explorer” window
13246 Emperor – Rise of the middle kingdom shows name <Unknown> for each network adapter
13250 majesty exits due to page fault
13264 Warblade Demo: crashes on startup, maybe regression
13269 ntdll/tests/exception crashes
13311 winetest always fails on shell32:shelllink, but “make test” doesn’t
13337 Legacy 5 Crash doing backup
13343 Microsoft Office 2003 won’t install


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