Something about the future

Well … if you followed this blog in the last few weeks (especially since the actual active starting), you may have noticed that I was starting to run for news after news about the computer world while, as I stated on the “Guide Section“, my original plans were to merely host some guide about computers.

Results???? Well … I have done only two guides so far (and the first was very old and the second was more a presentation than a guide) while I have reported quite a good number of news (at least for a super-amateur blog).

Life has its way to catch on and eventually in the last couple of weeks I have been too busy to keep the paste of the news (my target was to do at least 3-4 news a day).

Demoralized? Not, I am used to start many projects to eventually narrowed them down to the amount I can handle. The only thing is that I have to stop and think where I want to go with this project.

My plans, at least for the short term, are to slow down the news to only the most important topics and on the same time to make out some more guide. Regarding the later, I have on writing a guide on how to install a Teamspeak server, the popular Voice Chat program, on Linux and how to install World of Warcraft, still under Linux.


One Response to Something about the future

  1. Artanis says:

    I can understand your problem, starting different projects is interesting and exiting at first, but sooner or later you will have to chose them in order to have time for breathing also 😛

    And I was thinking about asking you to join my new videogame dev team of the future…


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