Skype offering unlimited long-distance plans

Skype, the company and relative software famous in the VOIP world, announced today the offer for several unlimited calls plans for a flat rate.

Skype announces unlimited long-distance calls to over a third of the world's populationThe actual cost of the subscription actually vary since there are many plans available (several for each major region of the world), but an example is the $2.95 a month plan available in U.S. and Canada for unlimited calls to landline and cell phones in the U.S. and Canada. The full list of plans is available in the announcement made by Skype in its site (link).

To good to be true? The catch is not that bad. According to Skype: “all calls are subject to Skype’s fair usage policy which is set at 10,000 minutes per month (which equates to more than 5 hours of calling per day). Calls to premium, non-geographic and other special numbers are excluded.”

VOIP is the acronym of “Voice over IP” (IP is the foundation protocol of Internet). With this technology the voice is transformed in computer bits that are sent over the Internet to the end destination. Since many Internet users (especially those early-adopter of VOIP) have a flat-fare broadband connection and such connection is often underused, the use of the VOIP tecnology often grant lower fees compared to normal telecoms companies (and in some case, like Skype, the calls are free if the destination is another Skype user).


Skype Official Website:;
Skype’s announcement:

The Skype’s logo is copyrighted by Skype Technologies S.A.


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