Apple stopped auto-install of Safari on Windows

Apple decided to change strategy on delivering its browser Safari to Windows users; instead to offer it by default with the Quicktime and iTunes updates, it is now offered as choice under the “New Software” category.

Apple UpdateThe decision came after the avalanche of critics Apple received, especially by Mozilla CEO John Lilly, since March when it offered Safari 3.1 as an default-enabled choice during a Quicktime update. The accusation was that it is un-rightful to push a new software to user by using an update system that is supposed to only deliver updates for already installed applications; since in the last few years there has been an heavy campaign by all software houses to convince users to keep their software updated to minimize the exposure to viruses and malaware installations, many users may have installed Safari because they thought it was important to keep Quicktime and/or iTune updated.

The change show up in the latest version of the Apple’s Software Update tool for Windows, version

This behavior has been even more criticized since the software security firm Secunia found two “highly critical” vulnerabilities in the browser. The first but, for example, was related to files with long names that if downloaded by Safari “can be exploited to cause memory corruption”. That could result in the computer becoming vulnerable to arbitrary code execution. The second vulnerability lets hackers display their own content in pages loaded into Safari 3.1 without changing what’s displayed in the browser’s URL address bar.

The Apple’s Software Update is copyrighted by Apple Inc.

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