SUN-MySQL may privilege Enterprise over Community

During the last MySQL Conference & Expo Sun Microsystems announced that it is planning to start offering new features for the popular database server first on the Enterprise, and paying, version and only after on the Community, and free, version. This is definitively a U-turn compared to the developing strategy adopted so far by MySQL AB.

MySQL is a popolar database server with more than 11 million installations; it gained its popularity by being open-source and by offering a free “Community” version along side the fee-based “Enterprise” version. It was produced and mantained by MySQL AB, a Swedish company bought by Sun in February.

Since the beginning, every new feature that has been developed has been included first on the free “Community” version and only after the such feature has been deeply tested it was ported on the fee-based “Enterprise” version. That is until now: Sun declared that it is planing to offer the new features first on the “Enterprise” since users are paying for it.

This change has generated an uproar over the net on the ground that since the “Enterprise” version has a much smaller marked compared to the “Community” version, those new features will not benefit from the strong and deep testing that the “Community” version has been able to provide so far.




MySQL Conference & Expo:


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